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About Dr. Wittig
Sarcoma Team
A sarcoma team is a group of physicians from different subspecialties that collaborate in the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors. Each physician has expertise within their own field in the diagnosis and treatment of these tumors. These tumors are rare and often require collaboration between the orthopedic oncologist, musculoskeletal radiologist and pathologist for the proper diagnosis. Patients with these tumors usually require surgery and may also require chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, depending on the type of tumor.

The sarcoma team consists of the orthopedic oncologist, musculoskeletal radiologist, pathologist, medical oncologist, pediatric oncologist, radiation oncologist, pain management physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioner, social workers, and therapists. A  sarcoma team normally meets formally every two weeks to discuss patients' treatment plans.

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