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Having Surgery

Planning ahead for your surgery will benefit both you and your support system during the recovery process.  Please see below for some things to think about before you undergo your procedure.  Also know that if at any point before or after surgery you have questions, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Wittig’s team at his office 551-996-2533.

Medical clearance
-    In order to undergo general anesthesia you will need a medical clearance done by your primary care physician which will include and history and physical, laboratory tests, and possibly an EKG and some imaging studies based on your age and medical history.
-    If you have any chronic disease such as cardiac or pulmonary disease, you may need special clearance by that physician as well.  Dr. Wittig’s staff will help guide you to the necessary physicians for these clearances.
-    You will need to stop any blood thinners 5-7 days prior to surgery, this will need to be discussed with your primary care physician and/or your cardiologist.  You will be given a list of these medications during your consultation for surgery.

Day/Night Before Surgery
-    Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the day of your surgery.
-    Follow your primary care physician’s orders regarding what medications to take the night before and the morning of your surgery.
-    You may take a shower or bath the night before or morning of surgery but do not apply any makeup. Wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting clothing that will allow you to get home comfortably if you are having an ambulatory procedure.  Do not wear contact lenses or jewelry to the hospital.
-    You will be receiving a phone call from Dr. Wittig’s staff regarding the time of the surgery and where to report on the day of and all of the above instructions will be reiterated during that call.

Ambulatory Surgery (Same Day)
-    Arrange transportation to and from the hospital
-    Bring loose fitting clothes or clothes that will fit over your bandage/dressing.
-    Know which pharmacy you will use to fill the prescriptions given to you after the surgery
-    Make sure to keep your dressing clean and dry until your follow up appointment with Dr. Wittig about 10 days after surgery, unless otherwise instructed
-    If surgery performed on extremity (arm or leg) you may try covering with plastic bag and duct tape to prevent getting your dressing wet.  If unable to do this safely or without getting the surgical area wet, use sponge baths until dressing removed at your follow up appointment.

Inpatient Surgery (Admitted to Hospital)
-    Please make sure to bring all of your home medications to the hospital on the day of surgery
-    The length of your stay in the hospital will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Wittig although is always subject to change.
-    If you need to be transferred to a rehabilitation center rather than straight home, our case managers and social workers will work with you and your insurance company to figure out what facility is best for you and your family.

Postoperative Appointments
Physical/Occupational Therapy - contact office

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