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dr james c wittig, orthopedic oncologist, new york, new jersey

For Immediate Release - Long Island, NY - November 8, 2010 - Sarcoma Surgeon and Orthopedic Oncologist James C. Wittig, MD, is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite office located within the Orthopedic Surgery Office of ProHEALTH Care Associates LLP in Lake Success, New York. The addition of Dr. Wittig's unique presence is a significant addition to one of the largest integrated physician group practices in Long Island. Listed as one of NY Magazine's Best Doctors in Orthopaedic Surgery for 2010, Dr. Wittig's ability to foster specialized consultations to treat sarcoma and musculoskeletal tumors will benefit patients seeking top notch care closer to home.

"With a growing need for care in orthopedic oncology, it was imperative to expand my practice to better reach and treat patients in Long Island, particularly those with complex orthopedic conditions," notes Dr. Wittig, "a satellite office within ProHEALTH offers patients a myriad of services and treatments all in one location."

Dr. Wittig will hold consultations on Mondays on the Gound Level of the Orthopedic Surgery Office within ProHEALTH located at 2800 Marcus Avenue, Lake Success, NY. Please visit to view the schedule for dates he is available in Long Island. All appointments can be made by calling his New York City office at 212-241-1807

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