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Dr. James Wittig
Office Information
Telephone Calls & Emails
Dr. Wittig is happy to communicate with patients via telephone or email to answer any questions they may have. However, because his surgery schedule requires that he is in the operating room 3 days per week, your patience while awaiting his return reply is appreciated. Dr. Wittig will attempt to return your phone call or email as soon as possible within a 5 day period. Please also discuss any matters with one of his physician assistants or administrative assistants and see if they can assist you or answer your questions satisfactorily. Please be advised that email is not a secure method for transmitting private health information. It is left up to the discretion of the patient if he or she wishes to communicate with Dr. Wittig via email. Dr. Wittig can not guarantee the security and privacy of information transmitted by email.

If you are contacting Dr. Wittig regarding an urgent matter, please DO NOT email him, but call the office directly. Your phone call will be directed to one of our Administrative Staff or Physician Assistants. These knowledgeable individuals will answer your urgent questions to the best of their ability. In addition, the physician assistants can help in coordinating your care.

If you are a follow-up patient and are requesting test results by phone or email, please contact the office to schedule a follow up appointment. It is Dr. Wittig's policy in most cases that results from tests, biopsies or surgeries are not given over the phone.

Phone:  833-292-BONE (2663)
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