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Patient Education
Nodular Fasciitis

Nodular fasciitis is a reactive process that can occur in patients of all ages, but most commonly occurs between 20-40 years of age. While it can occur within any site of the body, the upper extremities--especially the forearms--are the most frequent site involved. The trunk is the second most common site. In infants and children, it can also occur in the head and neck. This lesion generally occurs along the fascia of the body and can occur in subcutaneous or deep locations. It typically grows very rapidly and is painless. The lesion is typically small, approximately 2-3cm in size. Nearly 100% of patients diagnosed with this disease are cured following lesional excision. Recurrence is very rare. If a recurrence does occur, one should reconsider the original diagnosis of nodular fasciitis. Spontaneous regression or disappearance of these lesions has been reported.

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