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Plantar Fibromatosis

Plantar fibromatosis is a type of superficial fibromatosis that affects the plantar aspect of the foot and its subcutaneous fat. One third of patients diagnosed with this disease are younger than 30 years of age and children may occasionally be affected. Usually patients complain of a single nodule of the plantar surface of the foot that becomes painful after walking or standing for prolonged periods of time. The nodule is usually solitary. There is an association with palmar fibromatosis and penile fibromatosis. These nodules are typically 2-3cm and generally blend into the surrounding connective tissue. The differential diagnosis for this tumor include synovial sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, desmoids fibromatosis and calcifying aponeurotic fibroma. This disease may be cured by simple surgical excision, although up to 30% of these lesions may recur. Local recurrence of this lesion does not result in destruction of the surrounding tissue. If a recurrence results in a large destructive mass, consideration should be given to the possibility of the lesion being a sarcoma or desmoid fibromatosis.

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